Our nature

Despite its small surface area, Greece is endowed with a particularly rich and diversified natural environment, with singular geomorphology, intense contrasts and many regions with great economical value. The country’s abundant natural “gifts” -thousands of lace-like (indented) coasts, imposing mountains, caves and gorges, lakes, rivers, biotopes of rare beauty and unique ecosystems, coupled with the mild climate- rank it among the ideal destinations for ecotourism and alternative forms of tourism.

When visiting various regions in Greece, the tourist has the opportunity- to wander around aesthetic forests or explore national parks that are not only in the mountainous hinterlands of the mainland, but also on certain islands or near rivers and lakes,

  • to enjoy the wonderful monuments of nature, such as gorges, caves and waterfalls,
  • to observe and admire rare bird species that are nesting or seeking refuge in coastal ecosystems and wetlands (rocky coasts, sandy beaches, sand dunes, river deltas, lakes, marshes, coastal plains, etc),
  • to study the highly diverse floral life of the Greek countryside
  • to visit the unique sea parks which provide shelter to two protected species, the Mediterranean Monk seal (Monachus monachus) and the sea turtle (Caretta caretta),
  • to participate in extreme sports (canoe-kayak, rafting, monoraft, hydrospeed,
  • to find accommodation in standard agrotourist units in various regions of the country that afford visitors the opportunity to become familiar with local architecture, cultural and gastronomic tradition, as well as products, farming activities and the daily life of the local inhabitants.

Visitors of ecologically sensitive areas must observe all rules and regulations for the protection of the environment against pollution, the non-disturbance of natural habitats and the preservation of the equilibrium of the various ecosystems.
Information on how to go about visiting protected areas and participating in special programs can be obtained from local information centers, Local Authorities and specialized agencies.

Source : http://www.visitgreece.gr/en/nature