What Our Clients Say

"We were very happy with the hotel choices made for us. We came away knowing the basics of Peloponnese history, we enjoyed the antiquities, the food, and a pleasant holiday experience as a bonus.. "

Barry Roberson

" It was unforgettable. We appreciate Angela’s advice on when to visit Greece. Thanks to her opinion we should come mid April, we saw an amazing spread of wild flowers and peach blossom throughout the mountains and sites. "

Elizabeth Jones

"It was fantastic! Nikos our driver was intelligent, informative and passionate about Greece in general and the Peloponnes in particular. He was also an extremely good driver and genuinely nice guy – essential as nearly each day’s trip involved driving over mountains! Angela from the operator was also great – she responded helpfully and professionally to any requests and took us on the hike in the mountains (and made a local cheese savoury picnic lunch) which was a memorable highlight.."

Kerryn Mells

" It was an amazing trip. The only way to see the Peloponnese. Let someone else do the driving and just set back, relax and enjoy. "

Marlys Parrish

" Definitely a fascinating experience. The guides gave us everything they were supposed to. Only down side was the lack of background on the sites. Would be much better if they had Archaeological certification or at least were able to give more information about the sites. "

Peter Heehs

"It was an amazing and thoroughly enjoyable experience, all conducted with relaxed efficiency. We covered a lot of miles but being such a small group allowed us to spend time looking at what really interested us. We enjoyed staying in some of the less touristy places, such as Nafpaktos, and it was great to be able to ask lots of questions. Angela and Nikos were excellent hosts, good travelling companions and went out of their way to make our trip enjoyable. Greece has so much to offer in addition to its beaches – the scenery was spectacular, the roads relatively traffic-free out of the cities, the wild flowers are stunning, the history is awe-inspiring, the food excellent and the people are friendly and welcoming. "

Jane Bennet