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Honey Routs

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Einstein once said that if bees disappear, mankind has four years of life. We therefore offer you the opportunity to see and feel how it works and lives this very useful insect.

Initially we will pick you up from your hotel, and we will move to a bee hive in Peloponnese. We cannot tell you for sure where exactly will be because beekeepers move their hives at regular intervals, depending on the weather and flowering in order to have food from flowers.

A mini seminar will be held by experienced beekeeper for how the bee acts and after we wear the special uniforms will go to see a bee hive close and fully understand their society.

Then you will be transferred to a modern extraction unit of honey, where you will see how is the honey extraction and packing process and taste various varieties of honey.

So after this experience, comes an interactive cooking class, where you will learn how to use honey in traditional Greek recipes and flavors. The day will finish eating the amazing food you made plus more!!!

Full of experiences and emotions will return to your base, to continue your holiday. We hope to see you again with us on a journey of experiences !!!

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